Apr 22, 2010 at 8:15 PM

So, i am a heavy Roleplayer in wow, and have decided to start a addon, calling it "DoRP" "Details of RolePlay", that would simply. Make the small details in the RP, auto cancelling duels, have some sort of auto (()) when you want it, Maybe a word changer too =D Of course you can turn off and on the options i would have, so. I have not yet downloaded AddOn Studio, but i will. And i justed wanted to see with you guys, is there a way to make a addon with this that can Auto Cancel incoming duels, automaticly put (()) if i have turned it on, or even change the words i say before they are sended? It would be fun if there were, and it would be fun if some more advanced AddOn Maker could help me with this =D


/Thanks Sevilith, Scarshield Legion