Kudos to Daniel

Jan 31, 2008 at 6:03 PM
Excellent job ...on your implementation with this Wow Addon. You beat me to this, after playing warcraft for 3+ years I finally have a reason of not installing Blu IDE and dealing with the various .toc, .xml, and .lua projects. I was using Lua and got tired of doing /console reloadui because of a bug within my api calls.

I want to make a suggestion for API documentation and some helpful guides, definitely check out the latest API protection calls provided by Blizzard on the wowwiki site.


I just saw some this kind of late but, I'll install this on my laptop before I place it on my development workstation. As you can tell I am eager to try this out, that is if I am not playing WOW till midnight..

Human Paladin lvl 70
NightElf Warrior lvl 55
Human Rogue lvl 29

Undead Warlock lvl 20
Undead Rogue lvl 20
Again Kudos Daniel