Criminal Offences

Jul 12, 2011 at 12:18 AM

There are many different ways in which the

law deals with criminal offences. However,

these offences are usually dealt with in

different ways depending on how big a crime

is because there are different kinds of

criminal offences. For example, a murder

criminal would be dealt with very differently

from a pick pocket because his crime is more

hideous and he could even be imprisoned for

life whereas the pick pocket is only

imprisoned for a few months. However, this

doesn’t make some better than other criminal


However, crimes are usually dealt with very

differently depending on the country or state

in which one is at because each country has

different laws that state how to deal with

individual criminal offences. Each criminal

set of laws usually contains rules which

suppress any behavior which puts fundamental

values like life, a person’s integrity at

great risk because such things are considered

to be criminal offences. Also, they ensure

that each person has major respect for the

democratic institutions and any crime that

impairs any of these values ought to be

suppressed very strictly according to the

laws that deal with criminal offences.