Step 1

Oct 14, 2008 at 4:17 AM
Hey everyone, I think I missed something VERY obvious, but I can't get my Addon Studio to work at all.  I will walk you through exactly what I do/see:

-I downloaded/installed Addon Studio
-I downloaded/installed Blizzard's Addon Kit
-I extracted/copied UI.xsd

Now I start it:
Start > Programs > Addon Studio

HERE is the issue: the Visual Studio window pops up and I need to "Choose my default environment settings."  I select "General Development Settings" and "Start Visual Studio," because if I just click "Exit Visual Studio" nothing will start.

Then Addon Studio opens and I don't see the Blood Elf, and I don't see the Toolbox being labeled as it is on the tutorial page.

Can somebody please help me?  I want to use this program but I can't even try it