Level Tracker Bar for Battle Pets - Help Please!

Oct 3, 2012 at 1:13 AM

Hey folks,


So I'm an uber noob. I've just started studying Visual Studio as part of my college course and I wanted to have a go at making a WoW add on. But I am totally overwhelmed. I was hoping maybe with some guidance I could muddle my way through making this thing.


So what I want to do is quite simple. Display your Battlepets level and current exp bar so you can track how far through it's level it is. This saves you having to go into your pets menu to see it's level.


I know it's not a desperately needed addon I just wanted to make it as it seemed simple and useful to me.


Any help would be appreciated, I can't really find the tutorials that would help me. Essentially I just want to tell the AddOn Studio to "get" this (battle pet exp) information and display it here "exp bar".