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by evolution
Jul 21, 2010
10:38 PM

Being evaluated

Considering how long it's been since any updates, I thought I'd go ahead and just package it all up into the final .msi so you can easily test it. Changes include:
- updated the embedded Blizzard files with the latest versions
- restored and fixed the wowwiki exporter tools
--- updated the schema files used for intellisense, so that's working really well again.
- I **think** I got the FrameXML editor working. It worked perfectly for me (on both my laptop and my PC) after simply running the .msi file (same one that's in the .zip), but both of these machines have VSIP keys and are setup for coding, so I can't be certain it works as well on a machine without those components.
- updated the hard-coded interface version to the latest tag (too bad this wasn't just made an option)
- As an added bonus, I think the previously released version must have been compiled in debug, because the version I'm sending you exhibits none of the constant hangs and pauses that the last release was plagued with.

On, and just for the sake of simplicity, I ran a diff in Araxis and generated a web-view report. That's in the .zip as well, on the off-chance that someone over there actually reads this and follows up :) I would have just included my version of the AddonStudio folder, but the process of clearing out all the stuff VS leaves behind is always such a pain. I also wanted to eliminate differences between our respective compiler/developer environments as a potential culprit, should my package not work for you.

Look forward to hearing back from you.



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