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Add-ons for AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft

The add-ons listed here were developed for AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft. To install the add-ons on your machine, extract the files found in the zip files to %ProgramFiles%\AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft\PackagesToLoad (or under the folder you specified when installing AddOn Studio) and run the following command: "%ProgramFiles%\AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft\WowAddonStudio.exe" /setup /nosetupvstemplates and wait a few minutes before running AddOn Studio.

Realm Status

The Realm Status add-on shows the current status of your preferred realm as well as basic information such as the type and population.


Realm Status adds a menu item under the Tools menu and it is also available under View / Other Windows / Realm Status. To refresh the status of the realms, double-click the status icon in the Realm Status tool window.

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