Build Notes

You can find all information required to build AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft on this wiki page.


AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is based on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (Isolated Mode) and includes three traditional Visual Studio packages (VSPackages). The Shell consists of two native C++ projects whereas the other projects are all written in C#.


You need the following software installed to be able to build WowAddonStudio:
Optional dependencies:

Downloading the source

CodePlex provides multiple ways to access the source code of the hosted projects. If you would like to contribute, we recommend the CodePlex Client or SVNBridge. The source can also be downloaded as a single zip file from the Source Code tab where you can find additional instructions as well.

Building AddOn Studio using Visual Studio 2008

  1. Open WowAddonStudio.sln in Visual Studio 2008 that contains all projects and make sure all projects loaded fine.
  2. Change the configuration on the toolbar from Debug to Release, if you would like to create a release.
  3. Right-click the WowAddonStudio project node in Solution Explorer and click Build.

  1. After WowAddonStudio and its dependencies build, a folder is created under the src folder called Debug or Release depending on the current configuration. All binaries and additional content (documentation, templates, tutorials, readme.html) are copied here.
  2. As part of the build process, WowAddonStudio is run with the /setup flag and its registry hive is created. For more information on how the Visual Studio Shell works, refer to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SDK documentation.

Building AddOn Studio using the command-line

Make sure you have downloaded HtmlAgilityPack and copied the binary under $(SolutionDir)\References\HtmlAgilityPack\bin. Run the following command in a Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt in the src folder: msbuild WowAddonStudio.sln /p:Configuration=Release

Creating an installer for AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft


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another Sep 18, 2010 at 4:30 PM 
Oh, thats remind me *nix. First you got simple 2KB source, then you should download small program to build and finally you downloading gigabytes of something that conflicts with each other. And more than that you can't cleanup your system anymore.

Short story: I have SDK 2008, VC Express 2008, C# 2008 Express. And to making small WoW addon I should buy full Visual Studio (Express can't even open solution) and fix project myself for WoW 3.5 compatibility. This is too much... Back to Notepad++.

evolution Jul 21, 2010 at 12:43 PM 
Yet another little issue I ran into here, regarding the HtmlAgilityPack step - if you get an error message from msbuild that says something about "9.00 violates enumeration constraint of <bunch of lower versions here>", make sure the version of msbuild you're using is from .NET 3.5 (from the same command prompt, use the 'where msbuild' command to see which file Windows is going to use - you want the one from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\. I also needed to add the following parameter:


RGabo Feb 6, 2009 at 4:38 PM 
We'll be publishing updated Build Notes along with a newer v2 source drop but for those who can't wait, when building from Visual Studio, WowAddonStudio.exe needs to be run with the command argument '/ranu'. This instructs it to Run As Normal User, which is where AddOnStudio registers itself as part of the build process. We'll make this more apparent in subsequent code drops and here on Codeplex.

Hope this helps,

SWilsonMySpace Oct 18, 2008 at 11:03 AM 
I use Windows Web Server 2008 as my Primary Development Environment. I don't know if this matters, however, I had to manually execute "WowAddOnStudio.exe /setup" from the debug folder. Also, the default start-up project for the v2 src is WoWAddOnStudioUI, I set the target exe to the WowAddOnStudio.exe in the Debug folder. With these two changes, the app appears to launch under the debugger just fine. For sanity sake I am running VS2008 under the Administrator account to avoid any further issues.

Hope this help others,

SWilsonMySpace Oct 18, 2008 at 10:48 AM 
I've rebuilt the 11903 src release (V2 beta src), there were no build errors. In the Debug folder I click on the "WowAddOnStudio.exe" and I get an error dialog and then the exe terminates, as follows:

Microsoft Visual Studio Shell Isolated
Cannot find one or more components. Please reinstall the application.