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AddOn Studio Sample Projects


This sample project, (which you can watch a demo at TechEd Europe at: ), shows
  • How to capture the PLAYERTARGETCHANGED and COMBATLOGEVENT_UNFILTERED (the new 2.4 combat log) events.
  • If the target changed, the code examines the level of the target and changes a Texture based on whether it's a lower, same, or higher level than me.
  • For the combat log events, If there are multiple kill events within 15 seconds, it'll play some Halo audio clips.


This sample project shows how to read and display a Lua SavedVariable and is designed to be used with the VB/C# sample here which shows how you can programmatically write data to Warcraft's SavedVariables and have an AddOn like WriteData read the newly updated data.


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