Package Load Failure - Visual Addon Creating


Hello, i have problem with loading package for visual addon creating. Everything i in attachrment. It happens when i create / load project.. When i type "no(nie)" it just throw me into normal XML text editor instead of visual one. Same with yes but it just disabling this error message so it doesnt matter.
for lazy ppl wich dont want to open image:
Package 'Microsoft.WowAddonStudio.FrameXml.Editor.FrameXmlEditorPackage, FrameXml.Editor, Version=2.0.40211.1, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=652b006182260a0a' has failed to load ( GUID = {C20A7700-F178-4AE1-B58A-AA5EC4DABBF6} ).
 Please contact package vendor for assistance.

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